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Whitening system beyond

Whitening is performed in the clinic. Right after the procedure, you have white teeth.


the device is based on the Light Bridge technology, which filters out harmful ultraviolet light with a special filtering system through 2 lenses that have more than 30 layers of a special covering;

cuts the spectrum of light to cold, passing it through more than 150,000 optical fibers;

high intensity blue light is created, which is the optimal range for teeth whitening;

lamp temperature is not more than 37.6 ° C, which perfectly activates the whitening gel and does not overheat the teeth.

Home whitening system "Ultradent opalescence"

The procedure is performed at home. First of all, we take impressions of the teeth, that will be used to make individual silicone mouth guards. They are used with the gel for the specified time at home and according to the clear recommendations of doctor. You get long-lasting whitening results.