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Tens therapy

The diagnosis and treatment of pathologies associated with occlusion (closing) of the jaws, the work of the jaw muscles and the temporomandibular joint often require a highly accurate approach. The Kalibra digital dentistry clinic uses TENS-therapy for these purposes. It is aimed to stimulate muscles of the neck, shoulder girdle, chewing muscles to find the optimal position of the lower jaw.

What is TENS therapy

The abbreviation stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, that is, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (also called myostimulation). This is an absolutely safe and painless procedure widely used in leading dentistry around the world. It helps us determine physiological occlusion before orthodontic and orthopedic treatment. During a TENS session, muscles are relaxed and hypertonicity is relieved, that can have a therapeutic effect and reduce pain in muscles of the face and temporomandibular joint.

TENS diagnostics

Often the reason for problems with the jaw closing is the spasm of muscles of the face, neck, their excessive load or relaxation. TENS diagnostics helps to identify hidden problems and solve them as soon as possible. The device reads even the slightest electrical impulses of nerve cells and muscles during their tension and relaxation. The doctor analyzes the indications, determines the optimal position of the jaw and draws up a treatment plan.

What problems does myostimulation solve as part of a comprehensive orthodontic treatment?

Incorrect closing of the teeth, problems with posture often cause problems of the tone of muscles, responsible for chewing. As a result, the lower jaw moves along the wrong trajectory, which leads to the aggravation of problems and problems of the aesthetics of face. Comprehensive diagnostics using the TENS device helps to draw up an optimal treatment plan in the following situations:

various bite pathologies;

pain in the jaw joints;

posture disorders, which caused the wrong bite;

hypertonicity of the muscles of the face, neck;

speech disorders

night snoring.

In addition, an incorrect bite can cause headaches, chronic fatigue, and circulatory disorders.