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Surgical stomatology

Removal of a tooth

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure that may be necessary in case of serious tooth damage that is not treatable or in cases of wisdom teeth issues that cause pain and other complications. Although tooth extraction may seem like a stressful experience, modern surgical dentistry techniques used in Cherkasy allow the procedure to be as painless and effective as possible.

Advantages of digital dentistry in tooth extraction

In the digital dentistry clinic in Cherkasy, tooth extraction is performed using advanced technologies that help dentists accurately diagnose the condition of the teeth and plan surgical intervention. Digital imaging allows the dentist to precisely determine the location of the tooth, roots, and nerves, minimizing the risk of complications and reducing the duration of the procedure.

Factors affecting the cost of the procedure

The cost of tooth extraction in Cherkasy may vary depending on the complexity of the case and the need for additional procedures, such as wisdom tooth extraction or removal of root fragments. The "Kalibra" clinic offers competitive prices for surgical services, thanks to the use of digital technologies, which help reduce overall treatment costs.

Removal of a wisdom tooth

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure that may be necessary when wisdom teeth do not have enough space to erupt, often leading to pain, infections, and other complications. Digital dentistry in Cherkasy offers modern solutions that make the procedure of wisdom tooth extraction more painless and effective.

Wisdom tooth extraction in Cherkasy is performed using advanced digital technologies that allow dentists to accurately diagnose the condition of the teeth and surrounding tissues. Thanks to digital planning, surgeons can anticipate potential problems and complexities, ensuring more precise and careful extraction.

Advantages of digital dentistry for this service

Digital dentistry significantly enhances the success of wisdom tooth extraction procedures by:

  • 3D scanning: The ability to obtain detailed three-dimensional images provides dentists with a complete understanding of the patient's anatomy, allowing for extraction planning with maximum precision.

  • Risk minimization: Precise instrument positioning reduces the risks of nerve damage and other important structures.

  • Shorter recovery time: Precise incisions and minimal intervention reduce the recovery time after the procedure.

Factors affecting the cost of the procedure

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction in Cherkasy depends on several factors:

  • Case complexity: Deeply impacted teeth or teeth with complicated anatomy require more complex intervention.

  • Need for additional technologies: The use of 3D scanning and digital modeling may affect the cost.

  • Anesthesia: The choice of anesthesia type may also affect the overall procedure costs.

By choosing a clinic in Cherkasy specializing in digital dentistry, you will not only ensure the highest quality of treatment but also benefit from all the advantages of modern technologies for comfortable and safe wisdom tooth extraction.


Frenuloplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct anomalies in the frenula, which can interfere with normal tooth growth, speech function, or affect gum health. In Cherkasy, this procedure is carried out using the most advanced digital technologies, ensuring maximum precision and minimizing discomfort during treatment.

Frenuloplasty is often recommended in cases where the frenulum restricts tongue movement or causes gingival recession, which can lead to periodontal problems. The procedure involves correcting the frenulum to improve the functionality and aesthetic appearance of the oral cavity.

Advantages of digital dentistry for this service

Using digital dentistry in frenuloplasty procedure offers several significant advantages:

  • Precise planning: With digital scans and modeling, the dentist can thoroughly study the patient's anatomy and accurately plan incisions, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring better outcomes.

  • Quick recovery: Minimally invasive techniques employed in digital dentistry help shorten the recovery time after the procedure.

  • Patient comfort: Modern equipment and techniques reduce pain during the intervention and alleviate patient anxiety.

Removal of oral neoplasms

Removal of benign oral lesions is a common dental procedure aimed at removing growths such as papillomas, fibromas, hemangiomas, and other non-dangerous formations that may appear on the gums, inner cheeks, lips, or under the tongue. Although these formations are not malignant, they can cause discomfort or be aesthetically undesirable.

The procedure for removing benign oral lesions in Cherkasy involves diagnosis, during which visual examination and, if necessary, biopsy are used to accurately determine the type of lesion. After confirming the benign nature of the lesion, its removal is planned. Depending on the size and location of the lesion, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia using laser technologies or traditional surgical methods.

Advantages of digital dentistry for this service

Digital dentistry offers significant advantages for patients requiring removal of benign oral lesions:

  • Precision in diagnosis: Modern equipment, such as digital scanners, allows for the precise identification of lesion characteristics and locations, facilitating the planning of an effective and safe procedure.

  • Minimally invasive techniques: The use of laser technologies ensures less traumatic removal, reduces bleeding, shortens recovery time, and lowers the risk of infection.

  • Reduction of discomfort during and after the procedure: Digital technologies enable interventions to be performed quickly and with minimal pain, improving the overall patient experience of treatment.

The use of digital technologies in the procedure for removing benign oral lesions in Cherkasy not only ensures the high effectiveness of treatment but also enhances patient comfort and satisfaction, helping them to return to normal life more quickly.

Extension of the crown part of tooth

Tooth crown lengthening is a dental procedure used to correct tooth proportions, which may be necessary in cases of aesthetic or functional issues in the oral cavity. This procedure is important for preparing teeth for crowns or other restorative work, ensuring sufficient tooth height above the gums for optimal fixation.

During the tooth crown lengthening procedure in Cherkasy, the dentist removes a small portion of the gum margin and, if necessary, bone tissue around the tooth. This allows for "lengthening" the visible part of the tooth, improving smile aesthetics, and providing better restoration of tooth functions. The procedure is typically performed under local anesthesia, making it relatively painless for the patient.

Advantages of digital dentistry for this service

The application of digital dentistry in the process of tooth crown lengthening in Cherkasy offers several significant advantages:

  • Precision planning: The use of 3D scanning allows for precise determination of bone structure and gum placement, enhancing the results of the surgical intervention.

  • Minimal invasiveness: Modern technologies help minimize incisions and reduce trauma to surrounding tissues, promoting faster healing.

  • Improved aesthetic results: Digital modeling helps the dentist and the patient visualize the final result before the procedure, ensuring high satisfaction with the treatment outcome.

Digital dentistry in Cherkasy, particularly in clinics specializing in such interventions, guarantees high-quality performance of the tooth crown lengthening procedure. This not only enhances smile aesthetics but also ensures the durability and reliability of subsequent restorative work.

Root tip resection

Root apex resection is a surgical procedure used to remove inflamed or infected tissue from the tip of the root of a tooth and surrounding bone. It is often the last resort for saving a tooth that cannot be treated with standard endodontic methods.

Advantages of digital dentistry

Digital dentistry in Cherkasy enhances the precision and effectiveness of root apex resection by:

  • Precise 3D modeling: Determining the exact location of the affected tissue, allowing for less invasive intervention planning.

  • Minimization of risks: Precise removal of only the affected tissue, preserving as much healthy tissue as possible.

  • Rapid recovery: Modern methods reduce pain and promote faster healing after the procedure.

These technologies enable dentists in Cherkasy to perform the procedure with maximum precision, providing better chances of success and patient health.

Closing gum recession

Gum recession treatment is a dental procedure aimed at restoring gums that have receded from the roots of the teeth. This procedure not only improves the aesthetics of the smile but also protects the tooth roots from further damage and reduces sensitivity.

Advantages of digital dentistry

Utilizing digital technologies in Cherkasy enables achieving high precision in the diagnosis and treatment of gum recession, providing:

  • Precise planning: Digital imaging helps dentists accurately identify the area and depth of the recession for effective treatment.

  • Minimization of trauma: Digital methods allow for interventions with minimal gum trauma, promoting faster healing.

  • Better aesthetic results: With precise gum restoration, patients attain a natural-looking smile.

These advantages make gum recession treatment in Cherkasy a popular choice for those seeking effective and aesthetically appealing solutions for their dental issues.