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Snap face-scanner

SNAP face scanner is an innovation from the DOF manufacturer. What is this device? A lightweight, compact device that allows you to scan accurately not only the mouth and jaw, but also the whole face. The scanner, in combination with a high-performancing tablet, assists in a quick, comprehensive reading of the patient’s appearance.

A well-thought-out workflow is necessary to perfectly match the jaw scan with the facial scan data. All received information is processed and sent to a specially developed CAD database. After that the information obtained allows you to remotely get an accurate diagnostics and simulate accurate aesthetic prostheses. The compact device of small size is synchronized with the tablet, it helps to make a comprehensive reading of important points and get an accurate 3D model of the face.

SNAP Face Scanner is recognized as the ideal addition for productive cooperation with the patient. It facilitates communication among laboratory, dental clinic and patient. The device perfectly explores the jaw, which subsequently clearly matches the data of the facial scan.

Benefits of using of the SNAP face scanner:

1. Scanning is made instantly and does not cause discomfort to the patient. All data is displayed on the device in 3D format.

2. Multiple clear images help to create the most comfortable prostheses, to build the midline of the face, the line of a smile, and to combine all of this with the real data of a person’s face. The new jaw will organically fit the appearance.

Cooperation with the patient is made in a few steps:

Scanning the patient’s face.

Fixation of the bite.

Separate bite scan by the laboratory scanner.

Comparison of 3D images.

Complete restoration of teeth with 3D facial visualization

The Digital Dentistry Clinic “KALIBRA” invites you to the fast and painless scanning with a portable tablet. Spending a little time and patience, you can see how your perfect smile will look like in the nearest future.