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Portable visiographer vatech ezray air

The compact and convenient intraoral device EzRay Air is the latest development of the Korean company Vatech. A real breakthrough in modern dentistry allows you to create instant, clear images. The multifunctional, miniature and lightweight device weighing only 1.8 kg is the ideal addition to the complex daily work of the dentist. The special development of Carbon Nano TubeTechnology makes it absolutely safe for the doctor and patient. The smart design and light weight reduce the tension on the operator’s wrist.

Features of the EzRay Air device:

Security. Internal shield from radiation is designed that way, that the operator does not suffer from harmful radiation. A special double protective screen protects the doctor and the patient.

Intelligent device. The smart display contains all the necessary settings on one panel, so there is no need to use different commands for different tasks. The built-in gyroscope is responsible for the level of tilt of the tube, automatically setting the correct shooting angle. You just need to bring the tube to the shooting point.

Quality of images. Perfectly calibrated settings help you to get photos with a high quality effortlessly. Good pictures are the key to a good diagnosis, the ability to see even the smallest lacks and to plan the correct effective treatment in each case.

The unique materials of the portable visiograph make it ergonomic and durable to use. The inner shell is made of aluminum and the built-in sensor is tuned to absorb external pressure and vibration. The special design protects the device from overheating.

Slim, rounded case provides comfort of patients during examinations.

The Digital Dentistry Clinic “KALIBRA” invites you to quality painless diagnostics. A portable visiograph can help to identify the slightest abnormalities in the oral cavity and to create an effective treatment plan. The diagnostic process does not take much time and does not cause discomfort to the patient. With the EzRay Air device, even the smallest patients show their teeth with pleasure.