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The photoprotocol is an essential tool for achieving the highest aesthetic results. After receiving a number of portrait and dental images, the doctor examines in detail the condition of your teeth and facial features in general. We take photos at all stages of the patient’s diagnosis and treatment. The Kalibra Digital Dentistry Clinic has its own photo studio with professional lighting, backgrounds and modern photographic equipment.

The advantages of dental photography are:

Clear and transparent communication with the doctor. The doctor demonstrates the existing problems, the positive dynamics of the solution and the final result.

Motivation for treatment. Visualization of the treatment process will provide your psychological comfort and help to make sure that the result is worth the time spent.

Dental photography objectively reflects the general condition of teeth and periodontal tissues and allows you to evaluate the aesthetics of smile.

The photoprotocol improves diagnostics, because the doctor can always refer to your case and discuss it in detail with other specialists – orthodontists, surgeons, therapists, orthopedists, periodontists. An objective analysis of your situation guarantees the selection of an optimal treatment plan.

It optimizes interaction with the dental laboratory. Photos allow to convey the color, texture, features of teeth, which helps to meet your individual aesthetic wishes for prosthetics.

Only a photoprotocol allows dynamic observation and analysis of the course of treatment. Having pictures “before” and “after” you can clearly see the results of the performed manipulations at all stages of treatment.

This is especially important in the complex rehabilitation of oral health. We not only create a smile that is beautiful in itself, we complete your appearance and change the quality of life for better.