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Florida-probe diagnostics and periodontological patient chart

A software diagnostic complex that allows to obtain comprehensive information about the condition of patient's gums: the presence of periodontal pockets and their depth, tooth mobility, the degree of gum inflammation, the presence or absence of gingival bleeding. Measurements are made at 6 points and on the map we can see exactly, how deep the pockets are and in what areas. Florida Probe allows to diagnose periodontal disease at the earliest stage, even when there are no symptoms

Professional hygienic cleaning


Subgingival scaling of periodontal pockets

The main method of treatment of periodontitis. This procedure consists of removing hard and soft dental deposits, smoothing the root surface, detoxifying it. The procedure is performed using special instruments - Gracey curette.


A procedure that initiates natural healing processes. The procedure is based on centrifugation of the patient's blood. Plasma contains growth factors, hormones, vitamins that contribute to:

germination of capillaries, optimization of hemodynamics, tissue respiration and metabolism;

stimulates the process of strengthening bone tissue, the formation of collagen matrix;

activates local immunity.


reduction of inflammation;

acceleration of tissue healing;

elimination of unpleasant odor in the oral cavity;

increasing of the rate of healing of holes of the extracted teeth.

Vector therapy

The principle of operation is based on the transmission of ultrasonic energy. In the Vector system, the only performed movement is a linear one (parallel to the surface of the tooth root), due to which it is polished and, as a result, plaque adheres worse. The Vector Polish Fluid suspension, which contains hydroxyapatite microparticles, significantly increases the efficiency of root cleaning, and periodontal pockets are intensively treated and washed.

Photodynamic therapy

A method of treatment of a number of diseases, based on the use of light-sensitive substances - photosensitizers - and light of a certain wavelength. As a result of light activation, the photosensitizer releases oxygen, which destroys pathologically altered cells in periodontal pockets.

Benefits of Fotosan Treatment:

acts instantly;

effective in fight against of all microorganisms;

antibacterial treatment without drugs;

safe, without side effects;

easy to use;

does not require a lot of time.