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Intraoral scanners

The “Kalibra” digital dentistry clinic uses the new generation TRIOS 3 Shape and Primescan Sirona intraoral scanners for diagnostics, treatment planning and prosthetics. These scanners produce 3D images of the anatomical structures of the oral cavity on a monitor, creating an accurate digital document that is compatible with CAD / CAM technologies.

How it works?

The discomfort of traditional casts has been replaced by digital technology. Dentist places the scanner in the patient’s mouth and passes it along the dental arch to get an image. At this time, a three-dimensional digital model of teeth is reflected on the monitor screen. To detail the image, you can enlarge the image or provide other manipulations. To perform scanning, there is no need for preliminary powder treatment of teeth, which eliminates the appearance of side effects. The whole process takes about 2 minutes. The scanner is controlled by the movement of hands (additional commands are not required for communication with computer). The images are processed by software that creates a three-dimensional model of the scanned surface. The system allows to create a digital “impression” of a complete arc or a single element.

Advantages of an intraoral scanner

No discomfort for patients: no gag reflex, no complaints about the smell and taste of the material.

Time to create a digital impression is minimal: no need to create a plaster model.

There are no physiological contraindications for scanning.

High quality of 3D image (bubbles, tears or cracks may appear in traditional casts).

Image errors are minimized.

Creation of digital files allows to speed up work at all stages of treatment.

Trios 3Shape Scanner Features

The function of creating smile design;

The function of comparing scans of images at different intervals to determine the effectiveness of treatment;

Carrying out preliminary planning of orthopedic and orthodontic treatment;

Ultrafast optical cutting technology;

Realistic determination of color and creation of a clinical picture on the monitor to evaluate the patient’s treatment;

HD-quality images to detail images;

Use of TRIOS® technology for precise shade matching.

Features of the Primescan Sirona scanner

Shows the best results in accuracy and speed in clinical trials with the ability to process> 1 million 3D points per second;

Handles extensive data density while creating a 3D structure of all elements. Smart Pixel Sensor – innovative sensor technology with perfect clarity even at a depth of 20 mm;

Ability to scan dental materials and surfaces even in hard-to-reach areas;

Visualization of a large area of ​​research due to the increased field of view of the scanner;

Processing of sample data specified by software at speed of more than 50 thousand images per second;

Fast data transfer for laboratories and other professionals;

High speed display of scan results.