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Hygiene and care

Professional Hygiene

Removal of dental plaque is carried out in several stages. Soft deposits, biofilm, pigment, low-mineralized deposits are pleasantly removed by the Air Flow technology (we do not use soda in our work, only professional powders containing amino acids). Solid deposits are removed with ultrasound. Cleaning should be done once per 6 months, but sometimes more often depending on your home hygiene.

We use only best modern technologies in our work. AIR-FLOW MASTER PIEZON is a multifunctional device for complex prevention and treatment, that combines use of PIEZON NO PAIN, Air-Flow and Perio-Flow technologies. Two operating modes: "standard" and "perio". Improved design and ergonomics: Piezon LED handpiece with illumination of the operating field, 3 containers for powders, touch control panel, magnetic handpiece holders, ultra-thin multifunctional pedal. New PIEZON NO PAIN technology creates smooth ultrasonic vibrations to reduce pain and provides feedback to the instrument during use.

Hygiene of implants

When additional structures appear in the mouth - implants or crowns - hygiene becomes much more complicated. Some people stop brushing their teeth altogether, believing that there is no need to brush "not their own, but inserted" ones. Keeping implants clean is especially important! Dental plaque and bacteria on additional structures in the oral cavity, just like on their own teeth, cause inflammation, the attachment of gums and the implant is disrupted. If the ligament is quickly attached back on tooth after cleaning the root surface, it is quite difficult for implants, and if you do nothing with it, you can lose implant. For hygiene, only special nozzles and powders should be used, not to damage their surface. Cleaning of implants, as well as your teeth, must be done once per 6 months.


Deep fluorination

This procedure compensates the lack of minerals, reduces the sensitivity of teeth and prevents growth of bacteria that leads to caries. Deep fluorination is understood as the formation of submicroscopic CaF2 (calcium fluoride) crystals in the depth (inside) of the pores of the loosened enamel zone.

Lesson of Hygiene in Kalibra

Proper and thorough dental hygiene at home is an integral part of successful periodontal treatment of teeth and gums. During the hygiene lesson, the periodontist will show your hard-to-reach places in cleaning and will correct them, as well as select the necessary hygiene products.

How hygiene lesson is going. Teeth are being covered with a special dye - a plaque indicator. Dental plaque will be stained. Then, the periodontist will show you the technique of brushing and flossing to make your home hygiene more effective.

Selection of individual care of your teeth