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The FotoSan device is the invention of the Danish company CMS Dental. What is its specialty? This is a bright and unique representative of a new level of disinfection for the dental industry – photoactivated disinfection (PAD).

PAD is successfully used in the treatment of the variety of diseases. The basis of the device is a combination of light-sensitive substances (photosensitizers) and light of a certain length (625-635 nm). Even after one procedure of treatment of the diseases of the mucous membrane of the mouth and lips, experts note a significant decrease of pains, the rapid disappearance of edema, and an acceleration of tissue regeneration in 1.5 times.

Light activation causes light-sensitive substances to actively produce oxygen, which in turn neutralizes abnormal cells and slows down inflammation in periodontal pockets. The hit of the laser beam on intact tissues does not harm them and, in general, does not affect the organism in any way.

Benefits of treatment using the PhotoSan complex are:

1. Immediate action.

2. Antibacterial treatment without use of pharmacological agents.

3. Effectively fights with any pathogenic microbes.

4. Safe use without side effects.

5. Fast and easy use, minimum time for procedures.

PAD is successfully used in endodontic and periodontal treatment, for peri-implantitis, gingivitis and pericoronitis, and in the treatment of caries. PhotoSan has proven itself not only in the fight with different types of bacteria, but also with other microorganisms: viruses, fungi and various protozoa.

PAD has many advantages against chemical disinfectants or antibiotics. The photosensitizer comes in several versions with different viscosity levels: low, medium and high. The concentration of active substances in each of them is the same. Depending on the task, the specialist selects himself the most optimal level.

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