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Florida probe

The Florida Probe is an innovative system used to diagnose periodontal issues. The invention was first presented in Florida in 1987, and since 1988 it has been widely used by hygienists and periodontists all around the world.

Since 1987, Florida Prob computer technology has been modified and improved several times. The hardware complex allows the specialist to examine the gums quickly, accurately and as comfortable as possible for the patient, with instant entry of the information received into the database. Diagnostics takes up to a half an hour and allows the periodontist to comprehensively examine the actual condition of the client’s gums: the level of inflammation, see the presence / absence of bleeding, the presence and depth of periodontal pockets, and analyze the mobility of the teeth.

The collected information is entered into a special table, it can be printed and given to the patient. All the data of the examination is stored by a specialist, that makes it possible in the future to track the dynamics of tissue changes after the course of treatment.

The most important feature of the Florida Probe is the ability to identify and diagnose even the most complex disease from the beginning, when the symptoms are almost invisible. This allows the specialist to choose the right soft treatment to help to stop the further development of the disease.

How the Florida Probe works

The complex is equipped with a special probe that allows you to measure the depth of periodontal pockets and examine the condition of gums. As soon as the dentist inserts the probe into the periodontal pocket, the computer analyzes the data obtained and reports on a particular problem. All the results are immediately announced by the system, the patient can see and hear the diagnostic process.

There are no periodontal examination methods on the market to provide as complete and accurate information as the Florida Sample System.

The main advantages of the computer research:

Highly accurate diagnosis even in the early stages of the gum disease.

The examination is painless and does not cause discomfort.

Minimum time for diagnostics.

Ability to monitor and analyze the dynamics of treatment efficiency.

The Digital Dentistry Clinic “KALIBRA” invites you to an effective diagnosis with the selection of treatment afterwise. It is not only painless to examine the health of your teeth with us, but also interesting!