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Dental treatment under a microscope

«You can only cure what you can see»

The phrase belongs to Harry B. Keir, the man who improved the first dental microscope – an invention that can equalize the lost and preserved teeth of mankind. The microscope is indispensable when you need to clearly see where the damaged tissue ends and healthy tissue begins, the border between the tooth and the crown, the smallest enamel relief and the shape of the dental canals.

FullHD quality of treatment without exaggeration

Technological progress all over the world contributes to the progress in dentistry. A good doctor with the quality equipment becomes practically a magician. And if earlier, magic of the microscope was spread only in the field of endodontics, today even professional hygiene is done under magnification. After polishing, the enamel becomes so smooth that it casts doubts on the laws of physics: where did the friction force go? In Kalibra, each office is equipped with microscopes from the world’s best producers CG Optik, Leica, Scanner. This tool has something common with your new smartphone – FullHD imaging technology.

We treat – you rest

The doctor does not violate your personal space. Treatment under a microscope takes place in a pleasant atmosphere: the patient does not feel numb in the limbs, because he is lying in a comfortable chair, and the dentist is located at the back and looks into the eyepiece. The assistant sees the same picture as the doctor, because the image from the microscope is displayed on the screen. This promotes teamwork.