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Dental microscopes

Dental microscopes are an innovative medical technology that helps to bring dental services to the new level of quality. It’s ideal, in cases where the usual visual examination of doctor is not enough. The dental microscope helps to magnify the image up to 40 times, making diagnostics and further treatment as accurate and productive as possible.

It is difficult to imagine a complete treatment of roots of a tooth without modern devices. Root canals are miniature, with a winding structure. Filling these areas requires special precision and careful research. If you carry out poor-quality cleaning, there is a risk of infection and further therapy does not make sense.

A microscope in dentistry is a powerful, effective instrument in hands of a specialist. With its help, doctor is able to see the full picture, consider the smallest details, treat the affected areas without affecting healthy tissue. With a microscope, you can record a process of examination in order to subsequently draw up a correct treatment plan and monitor each stage of implementation

At the KALIBRA digital dentistry clinic, we use modern dental devices CJ-Optik, Leica and Scaner. Let’s talk a little more about the features of each of them.


CJ-Optik microscopes are manufactured in Wetzlar (Germany), known as the “city of optics”. For over 20 years, CJ-Optik has been bringing ideal optical devices to the market. The Flexion microscope was the first device developed for the needs of dentistry. In one device, it was possible to combine functions that satisfy the needs of endoscopists and doctors of other specialties. The MonoBall hinge allows you to change the position of the binoculars to any angle. A special backlight provides high intensity light with photo correction.


Operating microscopes from Leica are the pioneers, designed specifically for the needs of modern dentistry. The company improved existing models and created a completely new device. The Leica microscope offers an improved optics and LED illumination as well as the lightness and maneuverability of the device itself.


Microscope Calipso (Scaner) is a medical device used for a thorough examination with the ability to connect additional devices for digital photo and video documentation. It contains high reliability, ergonomic design, ease of use.

We are convinced that the future belongs to LED technology, providing an aesthetic, economical and environmentally friendly solution with superior lighting quality. The KALIBRA Digital Dentistry Clinic invites everyone to a high-quality complex treatment. Innovative dental microscopes allow us to offer effective, fast and painless treatment.

We guarantee a consistently excellent result, regardless of the level of complexity of the task.