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Dental 3D tomograph vatech pax-i3D with cephalostat

The VATECH PAX-I3D dental 3D tomograph with a cephalostat is an innovative device that combines functions of a panoramic X-ray device, an X-ray and a cone-beam tomograph with a cephalostat. Modern specialists appreciate it for its safe “green” tomography, wide range of scan areas, operational efficiency and excellent clarity of professional 3D images.

Dental 3D tomograph means health and safety of patients and doctors. Highly detailed images allow to see all the details well. The simplest control system helps to get images from different angles. The patient does not need to experience discomfort by having his head at unnatural angle.

The main advantages of the VATECH PAX-I3D dental 3D tomograph with a cephalostat:

High quality and clear 3D images. Using the device, you can explore zones of different areas: from 5 * 5 cm to 16 * 10 cm (15 * 15 cm). The improved field of view helps the technician effortlessly get more informative diagnoses.

Safe scanning. During operation, the device emits a minimum dose of radiation exposure, this protects not only the patient, but also medical workers.

A wide range of areas for scanning. The doctor can set the scan area himself, depending on the diagnostic tasks. Shape of the tomograph allows to scan the dentition in the form of arc and open for view even hard-to-reach areas.

Efficiency. To carry out a complete and accurate diagnosis, a specialist needs minimum 5.9 seconds. Even if the patient accidentally moves, the output is clear.

Multitasking. One scan with a tomograph allows to make a CT and a full panoramic image. Clients requiring both examinations receive everything in one procedure. There is no need for additional radiation.

Special technology SMART MAR minimizes defects and maintains excellent image quality while scanning teeth with metal crowns.

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