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Computer anesthesia apparatus

Is painless dentistry a reality or a fantasy? The history of dentistry exists for many centuries and at all times the issue of high-quality anesthesia was quite actual. In 1997, US dentists proved that anything is possible by introducing a revolutionary method of pain relief – The Wand STA computer anesthesia. The full name is the Single Tooth Anesthesia System.

Anesthesia with the STA method is as simple as possible: a special syringe is equipped with a thin Luer needle, through which the doctor injects the anesthetic. As soon as the tip has reached the gum, the device gets information about tissue resistance. The device adjusts to the characteristics of a particular tissue, selects the speed, pressure and amount of anesthetic to spread.

The use of STA technology is fundamentally different from the usual pain relief: the patient does not feel numbness of the tongue or cheeks. Only the gum is anesthetized, there is no feeling of discomfort. This is especially important for the treatment of children who, during normal freezing, can accidentally bite their tongue or cheek.

The main advantages of STA technology are:

Pain relief of the desired area in a few seconds.

Gum puncture is almost not felt.

No discomfort after the anesthetic finishes.

The minimum amount of drug for pain relief.

The patient does not see the needle and syringe, this is an important psychological moment, especially for kids.

Reducing the risk of complications for patients with diabet, hypertensive patients, pregnant women.

After the end of the treatment, you can immediately live a normal life, not to wait for the gum to “recover”.

In the process of work, the dentist does not need to make many injections, since the computer technology of The Wand STA allows you to anesthetize several teeth at once. Deep anesthesia lasts for a long time, the patient does not experience any discomfort throughout the entire procedure.

The STA System device itself selects the level of the speed of drug spreading, depending on the task. The technology is widely used in the process of aesthetic restoration, in the extraction, implantation and treatment of teeth.

The Digital Dentistry Clinic “KALIBRA” invites you to get acquainted with new painless technologies. You will forget about the fear of the dentist with us, and children will be happy to cure their teeth.