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Beyond polus

Beautiful white teeth can be called the “business card” of the modern successful person. In nature there are no dazzling white teeth, and the regular dose of tea, coffee, smoking makes the natural color of the enamel dim, with yellowness. Beyond Polus Advance technology is recognized as the safest and the most popular whitening method.

The specialty of the procedure is that during the procedure the tooth does not heat up and is not injured. The formula of the gel used enhances the whitening effect, protecting the cover of the teeth from the effects of external negative factors. The gel gently penetrates into the deep layers of the enamel and removes superficial pigmentation. The whitening lamp is equipped with several filters, so the light beam is absolutely safe for the body.

How is whitening going with Beyong?

The whitening process is comfortable and takes a minimum of time:

1. The dentist makes the diagnostics, analyzes the condition of the teeth and determines if the patient has any contraindications to the procedure. Hygienic cleaning may sometimes be required.

2. The patient has to be prepared for the procedure: to protect the eyes with glasses, to put a retractor in the mouth, moisturize the lips with balm. A rubber dam protects the mucous membrane from radiation and drying out.

3. A special gel is applied to each tooth in the smile zone.

4. Irradiation lasts up to 12 minutes for three times, each time renewing the gel cover of the teeth. The whole procedure takes up to 60 minutes.

5. After the end of the procedure, the doctor removes the remains of the gel and auxiliary materials.

After bleaching, the patient is being advised of how to act after the procedure: what to eat, how to take care of the oral cavity.

The whitening effect will be corrected for the next 2 weeks. In many ways, the final result depends on the care and adherence of the “white” diet. You can only whiten a tooth that is alive, all the artificial teeth will stay the same, you need to remember this. The whitening result lasts from six months to a year, it all depends on how the patient adheres to the recommendations and minimizes the use of coloring products.

The Digital Dentistry Clinic “Kalibra” is happy to help its patients to get the smile of their dreams. It is important that the patient has to be an adult, and whitening is forbidden for pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding. The doctor examines each case on an individual basis and gives recommendations that will help to maximize the effect.